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Meet Christine, Your Cat Sitter

Hello and Meow! I’m Christine, owner of The Cat’s Pajamas and I love cats! I am currently owned by Boris, a Traditional Applehead Siamese and Natasha, a Chocolate Point Siamese. I retired from a stressful corporate life around the same time I met and fell in love with a beautiful Applehead Siamese named Levi. He was a friend’s indoor/outdoor cat, which unfortunately cost him his life. I spent 5 days nursing him after he was attacked by a stray dog, but the damage was so severe he passed away in my arms on the way to a final vet visit. I was heartbroken, and resolved to rescue an Applehead for myself. I found my Samuel (the love of my life, pictured here) and we had 8 wonderful years together, during which he had a sarcoma which cost him his right hind leg and then an intestinal lymphoma which eventually cost him his life. He was a real trooper and never complained. I formed a wonderful working relationship with The University of Minnesota Veterinary Oncology and Alternative Medicine departments and learned how to administer chemo meds, injections and pills and began to wonder how I could put this practical knowledge to good use. While cat sitting for neighbors and friends when they travelled, I discovered exactly how to put this knowledge and experience to good use. I found my passion and my true career by becoming a Certified Professional Pet Sitter, obtaining the CPPS designation from Pet Sitters International in 2016. And as a professional pet sitter, I am bonded and insured, and trained in pet first aid and CPR. You can be confident in my ability to provide loving care to your kitty and be prepared to respond to the unexpected. Cat sitting is my passion and my career. I offer my services in your home, and as I have no employees you never have to worry about a stranger in your home, and your fur babies never need to leave the comfort and safety they are accustomed to. Every visit is guaranteed one hour (or more if I fall in love!) and I will cater to their every whim.
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