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Cat Sitting Services

EVERY VISIT IN YOUR HOME IS GUARANTEED A MINIMUM OF ONE HOUR. I am a solo pet sitter so I will always be the only person in your home!

I offer flexible scheduling: no time is too early or too late. You will receive daily texts, photos and videos of your kitty.

Every Visit Includes

  • Play time, cuddle/snuggle time, brushing, exercise, nap time customized for each kitty
  • Provide wet/dry food and fresh water, clean bowls if needed
  • Scoop litter box and replace and dispose of litter as needed
  • Dispense treats (if appropriate). Your kitty will never be given human food or treats without your specific, written approval
  • Accident clean-up
  • Mail, newspaper and package retrieval
  • Alternate curtains/blinds and lights for a “lived-in” look, if requested
  • Water inside plants ($10.00/visit additional charge for watering outdoor plants)


For the safety and well being of your kitties, I will visit every day you are away, including the day you depart if you leave early in the morning, and the day you return if you arrive after 5:00pm. Accidents can happen at any time to both your cat and your home, so every other day visits are strongly discouraged.

  • $40.00 per one hour daily visit
  • Twice daily visits: Price varies
  • There is no additional charge for multi-cat households
  • $10.00 per visit additional charge for the following holidays:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Easter Sunday
    • Memorial Day
    • 4th of July
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving day
    • Christmas Day

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Other Services

  • Administer medications: eye drops, ear drops and transdermal gels, oral liquids and pills (including chemotherapy), diabetes and vitamin injections. Contact me for specific details and charges.
  • Nail clipping: $10.00 per kitty (without your help if kitty is compliant, with your help if kitty is not).
  • 15 minute litter box scooping/disposal only. For pregnant clients or those recovering from an injury or illness, or who should not come into contact with litter for medical reasons, or if your cat’s litter is toxic. Contact me for specific details and charges.
  • Lock-Out service: If you return and find yourself locked out, simply call me for your key! Free of charge if you come to me, $25.00 if I come to you.

Payment Terms

I accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards using Square. Payment is required at Meet & Greet or before services begin.

Andover cat sitter brushing a cat